Projection Onto Ducts

With just two projectors, we transformed the event space at the famous Puck Building in NYC.

Interactive Touch Glass

Using a special adhesive film, a standard plate glass window becomes an interactive surface.

TedX Projection Mapping

We kicked off the Johnson & Johnson sponsored TedX Philadelphia event with this custom display.

Glass Projection

A passive version of the adhesive film is masked to eliminate any spill.

HM Render

This custom render was part of a bid from a leading architecture firm.

Indoor Wall Projection

This is the main wall of our reception area and the first thing you see when you step off the elevator.

Look Through Display

Not actually a 3D render as the model inside is real.

Interactive Presentation

This custom-made interactive presentation took advantage of an existing touch-screen.

2.5D Posters

The subtle animations for these video walls creates engagement without a lot of flash.

Touch Screen Game

This custom touch game helped attract trade show visitors to their booth.

Virtual Greeter